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UMBC assistant professor of information systems, Jiaqi Gong, is working to reduce cancer recurrence rates through wearable technology. It’s through such technologies that we make life-changing advancements.

In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at advancing technologies and their impact on the world.

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Amazon’s new hand-scanning technology

Tired of sifting through your wallets and pocketbooks for your credit card and having to insert its chip into a reader? Amazon is about to make purchasing a whole lot easier. The new hand scanning technology will allow customers to have their hands scanned in order to make a payment. No more need to hand over a credit card.

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A technological approach for restaurateurs

With today’s massive labor challenges, restaurants are turning a more tech-savvy entrepreneurial approach to help them cope with a shrinking labor force due to low unemployment and rising wages. Some restaurants are turning to the application of tech to solve their business challenges.

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Internet-based PE classes

Technology is helping to raise the accountability of internet-based PE classes. By wearing fitness trackers, students are free to do an activity of their choice to get their heart rates up. The technology helps students set goals and achieve the PE credits without having to deal with the social difficulties some students face. Although beneficial from an activity point, are students missing out on the social context that traditional physical education provides? This article investigates that argument.

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Technology tackling climate emergency

Climate change is a hot topic and one that has many scrambling for solutions. Can technology help predict, manage, and control the destruction climate change can bring on? Can big data be our answer to help us locate and analyze hot spots and find solutions? What kind of role will technology play in helping us to address the current climate emergency?

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