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UMBC’s Bachelor of Science in Translational Life Science Technology (TLST) is a unique degree designed for students who want to be competitive in the bioscience world of today and tomorrow. Maryland has over 500 Biotech companies, and seventy percent of them are located in UMBC at The Universities of Shady Grove’s backyard in Montgomery County. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at how one Maryland-based biohealth company is working towards a treatment for deadly diseases. We also look at ransomeware woes for the future, the successful Mars landing of NASA’s InSight, and the outrage from a gene-editing baby claim.

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Reshaping the Treatment of Deadly Diseases


MD-based biohealth company, American Gene Technologies, is on a mission to advance the treatments for deadly diseases like cancer and HIV through its gene therapy innovations.

Ransomeware Wreaking Havoc on a Global Scale

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Global ransomware damage costs are expected to reach $2 billion by 2021. What does this look like in practical terms. Well, as this article puts it, an attack is expected to effect a business every eleven seconds by the end of 2021.

Successful Mars Landing


Teams as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA celebrated with fist bumps, cheers and a whole lot of smiles as NASA’s InSight Lander touched down on the dusty red planet. In the next few months, InSight will study the underground world of Mars.

Outrage Sparks from Gene-Edited Baby Claim


Will a day come when people can place an order for a specific style baby like they would if purchasing a new car? Well, that may not be too far fetched after China claimed to have edited the genes of babies. The babies, two twin girls, were born with DNA that was altered by a new tool capable of rewriting the natural order of life.

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