Breaking Boundaries with a GIS Career Transformation

If you’re looking for a way to forge a new path, check out this GIS career transformation from our latest UMBC’s Mic’d Up Podcast episode.

Today’s episode features Joe Gallagher, a Ph.D. student in the GES program at UMBC. He is also a graduate certificate student in geographic information systems.

Joe shares his journey, starting with his initial concerns and ending with the valuable lessons he gained from taking courses at UMBC. Through his narrative, he provides prospective students with a glimpse into the world of geography. Joe’s story can help you understand how to deal with the challenges and opportunities in this field.

Educational Journey and Balancing Act

A delicate balance exists between academic pursuits and real-world responsibilities. Life often presents unexpected opportunities, causing us to make hard decisions. The evolving GIS job market highlights the importance of remaining flexible. For example, Joe decided to temporarily quit studying to take a new position in the field. This decision allowed him to gain more knowledge and also showed how flexible a GIS education can be. 

Motivation to Dive into GIS

Viewing things from different angles can change how we understand geography and its importance to us. Looking at things from various lenses can provide new insights and broaden our knowledge. By exploring various viewpoints, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of geography in our lives.

GIS is changing with new tools like ArcGIS Pro and open-source integration. This means we need to rethink assumptions and be open to the many possibilities in the field.

Impact on Professional Growth

Joe’s experience underscores the practical advantages of GIS coursework in real-world scenarios. For instance, using what you learn in class during an interview shows the practical benefits of studying this field. Focusing on the practical side of things can enhance skills and abilities for transitioning to new opportunities.

Greatest Takeaway

UMBC’s GIS courses can turn most anyone willing into a data analyst. Joe encourages prospective students to share unique perspectives and questions. When thinking about joining the GIS community, keep in mind that the program gives you technical skills and a mindset for curiosity and problem-solving. This is a powerful combination for success in the evolving landscape of data analysis and geographical information systems.

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