6 Ways to Stick to Your Goals

Motivation is the willingness and determination that we need in order to meet our goals. Sustaining it is the key to becoming successful. It drives us to get out of bed in the morning, stay passionate about the projects at hand, create goals, and execute them. It can be difficult to maintain with the everyday struggles that we face, and everyone has found themselves in an uninspired rut at some point.

Challenges are an Opportunity for Growth

We will face challenges while in school or the workplace, but instead of allowing them to set us back, we can use them to propel us forward. Challenges can be an opportunity to step back and re-evaluate and grow ourselves, our environment, and our professional relationships. In addition, once we’ve successfully overcome an obstacle, we’ll feel unstoppable and ready for the next move. The next time you face a challenge, allow it to fuel you rather than shut down. One way to keep yourself moving is to set goals.

Setting Goals to Increase Motivation

Goals are the catalyst to keep motivation pumping. It’s important to keep smaller, more manageable goals within larger life goals. If you only make huge, long term goals, you will be disappointed in yourself when you cannot attain them. However, small goals keep you on track, and motivation flourishes each time you accomplish one. An example of a larger, overarching goal is graduating with your degree. The broken down goals you could take towards this could include studying for a set amount of hours, reading ten pages each day, or contributing to discussions twice per class. Reading ten pages is not a difficult task, but when done over the semester, you’ve read the entire book and absorbed everything that you needed to know.

Have you been lacking motivation recently? Read on for some simple ways to keep discouragement at bay!


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