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UMBC is dedicated towards promoting the next generation of leaders through its graduate program in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership.

In today’s Industry News, we’re celebrating those who work together to lead the way in their fields, from collaborative software to renewable energy.

The Future Is Open Source

Sometimes a leader isn’t one person, but a group of dedicated individuals working together to push the boundaries of innovation. Accordingly, in the wake of the pandemic, many developers have turned their sights on creating software to help professional teams collaborate remotely. In a meta twist, many of these open source projects are the result of remote collaboration themselves.

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Google’s Call to Increase System Compatibility

Team Apple or Team Android? Regardless of your preference, you’ve likely encountered difficulty when texting someone with the opposite type of phone. Features like read receipts, reactions, and typing indicators do not translate between platforms, and the image quality of attached files often takes a hit. As a result, Google is calling for Apple to fix these problems with their new Get The Message campaign.

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Australia’s Green New Goal

Energy ministers recently voted to make emissions reduction a key national goal, increasing the pace of the country’s clean energy transition. Above all, this landmark decision is the first change to Australia’s energy objectives in over a decade, and is a step forward towards meeting its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. Additionally, the climate impacts of energy sources will be considered one of the most important factors in future decision-making, on par with price and reliability.

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Steps Forward in Human AI Collaboration

Dr. Luyao Yuan is leading the next generation of AI technology by collaborating with researchers across the globe. Their goal is to create an AI system that is capable of explaining its decision-making process to human users; something that was previously only accessible by scouring the program’s code. Through these innovations, he hopes to make artificial intelligence more accessible, and to increase the possibilities of human-robot communication.

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