Leveling the Playing Field through Community Leadership  [Podcast]

Community leadership is about transparency and compassion. According to Keenan Hickman ’22, M.P.S: Community Leadership, it’s about being somebody in the community who advocates for something that’s bigger than themselves.

He doesn’t believe you have to be a mayor to be the community leader. You could be an urban farmer, a director of a nonprofit, or even the elderly grandma on the stoop, who’s making sure everyone’s loved and cared for.

Leveling the Playing Field

In this podcast episode, Keenan shares his experience with UMBC’s Community Leadership graduate program and his new role with The Aequo Fund, an organization that is about leveling the playing field for black, brown women immigrant developers, by providing them with capital and support that they need to succeed.

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Community Leadership at UMBC

Curious about UMBC’s M.P.S. Community Leadership Program? Check it out here: https://leader.umbc.edu

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