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UMBC’s Earth Institute provided a satellite sensor for NASA’s HARP CubeSat that was successfully launched to the International Space Station in late 2019. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at how NASA innovations are benefiting Earth. We also look at other fascinating space news.

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How NASA Innovations are Benefiting Earth

NASA has been advancing technologies that have helped change the way we live life. Drones, self-driving cars, and other cool technologies are the by-products of NASA’s diverse missions over the years.

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The Shape of the Universe

If you’re a geometry fan, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for an interesting new angle on the mysterious shape of our universe. Scientists explore the flat, spherical, and hyperbolic angles that make up everything we can and can’t see.

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A Tumbling Satellite

Imagine if one of our satellites begins to tumble into an unusable orbit, cutting us off from vital communications? This has become the reality for Venezuela as it’s flagship communications satellite is now tumbling.

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Demand for Satellite Imagery Enters New Territory

The demand for satellite images has entered a whole new territory. The pandemic has caused an uptick in customer interest in remote monitoring of facilities and infrastructure to gauge economic impact.

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