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The UMBC research community is working together to find solutions to address climate change. A team of researchers has concluded that meeting ambitious forest restoration goals will need wide support on an international level.

In today’s Industry Roundup, we explore climate change and how innovation is playing a big role in providing potential solutions.

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The Role of Humans

Robots are taking over jobs once performed by humans, causing us to question the very role of humans. What impacts will this turn toward robotics and other facets of disruptive technologies have on climate change? The complicated answer is investigated in this article.

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The Upside of Disruption

Disruption doesn’t always bring about negative results. In fact, when it comes to innovation, it means the exact opposite. The result of disrupting the current thoughts and behaviors may well be what saves humanity from the perils of static action when it comes to the climate crisis.

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In Search of New, Sustainable Methods

We’re looking for supportive technology that will lift us beyond the old ways of energy systems that undermine our ability to create sustainable resources. We need a solutions-based approach, and this article investigates where we are in this pursuit.

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7 Climate Projects with Great Potential

We are making progress on certain parts of our climate change crisis, leading scientists say. This article shares some good news when it comes to how humanity could still thrive thanks to these game-changing 7 climate projects.

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