Benefiting from CPT Work-Study [VIDEO]

UMBC Data Science graduate student, Udit Choudhary, chatted with us about his experience with his CPT work-study in this video.

He wants to make a difference in the world by taking what he learns from his graduate studies in data science and applying it in the healthcare sector.

Choudhary works at DSM as part of his CPT work-study. As an international student, CPT work-study allows him to earn extra money in US dollars, and gain work experience in his field. DSM is a nutritional products company that makes fermentation products. They’re a multinational company with big plans for the future. As part of his work, he helps them with optimizing their processes. Having international work experience immediately after graduation will benefit him greatly when searching for a job.

“I really enjoy being at UMBC and I’m really excited to see what the future holds.” – Udit Choudhary

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