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This year, U.S. News named UMBC a national leader in teaching and innovation once again. UMBC is committed to delivering education that creates strong leaders.

In today’s industry news, we take a look at trends shaping industry leaders. We also take a look at the next billion-dollar startups, things to avoid as a leader, and ways to take control over stress.

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Top workforce trends of 2019

In Mercer’s recent report on global talent trends of 2019, they share insights on how organizations are shifting to a more people-centered focus to benefit from the sparks of brilliance it creates. Some of the biggest takeaways from this report include aligning work to future value, building brand resonance, and making work simple and intuitive to help workers grow and thrive.

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What are the next billion-dollar startups?

In Forbes’s annual search for the 25 fastest growing startups that will likely produce a $1 billion bottom line, they’ve put together their 2019 list. Some of them include a food delivery service, a home seller, a luggage brand, and a synthetic biology company.

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6 things to avoid as a leader

Leaders have faults. They didn’t get to where they are without making mistakes. Messing up is part of the recipe that creates a dynamic, effective leader because it’s through them that they learn their greatest lessons. However, there are some mistakes that can and should be avoided that could seriously undermine leadership.

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Small steps to reduce work stress

Stress can hit us from many angles and create havoc on our abilities, focus, and overall work. Getting a handle on it before it has the chance to crumble the foundation of your hard work will set you up for better success. The trick – take control of it before it takes control of you. This article shares simple tricks to help you take back control.

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