Develop Leadership Skills in School

Graduate school is the time to develop leadership skills that will help you in the workforce.

The ability to be a leader is vital for professionals entering the workforce. Practicing this skill as a student will build your confidence in an environment perfect for trial and error. 

Leadership in Group Projects 

To start, try leading group projects in your classes. Every group project needs someone to keep the members on task and make sure that the group is progressing in time to meet the project’s deadline. Not only will this help you practice your leadership skills, but it can help you network and build a connection with a few of your classmates. 

Leadership in Clubs and Sports

Another way to practice being a leader during school is to join the executive board, also known as e-board, for a club or sports team. There are plenty of positions to run for, from president to treasurer. They all provide an opportunity for you to become a leader or lead projects in a way that holds you accountable. This path also provides an opportunity to lead a large number of people who may be very different. This experience would be an important challenge for you to master before graduating. 

Leadership as an Orientation Leader 

If you would like to focus on leading through public speaking, try becoming an orientation leader for your school. Not only would this be a fun job on campus, but it forces you to practice talking to large groups of people, keeping them on track, and being a more personable and energetic speaker. 

Having leadership skills is an important element to working in a professional setting. It is vital that as a graduate student you start practicing and mastering this skill while still in school. This proactive practice will help you get ahead once you join the working world. 

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