Prepare These Documents Before You Begin Your Job Search

As a semester nears its completion, you may begin the preparation process to enter the workforce. It’s important when entering the workforce to have all your documents ready for job applications and your social skills polished for job interviews. 

Begin Your Search With a Cover Letter 

Make sure to write a cover letter when applying to jobs. Cover letters let employers know why you’re interested in the job they are offering as well as why they should hire you. Cover letters are also a great way to add personality in the job process. Adding a touch of personality is hard to do in a resume. If you don’t have experience in writing cover letters, click here to read the tips and the examples that the UMBC Career Center has provided. 

Prepare Your Resume And CV

In line with making sure you’re ready to write cover letters, make sure you update your resume and/or your curriculum vitae (CV) to ensure it’s ready to send to potential employers. First, you might want to consider whether you would prefer a CV or a resume or even both as a way to represent your experience and qualifications. Then make sure that you have all of your skills and credentials typed out. Ensure that the document looks professional and is easy to follow. Here are examples of an effective resume and CV

Finish Your Job Search Prep With a Letter of Recommendation

The next document that you should start preparing is your letter of recommendation. You might want to have a few ready, as many employers prefer to have multiple letters of recommendation for the application process. Before asking for a letter of recommendation, be sure to talk to the person you want to ask for the recommendation. Most importantly, ask them if they’d be willing to write this letter for you. This early preparation will help ensure your references have a clear understanding of your experiences and work style. 

Now that you have prepared your documents to start applying to jobs and beginning your journey to entering the workforce, consider ways to improve your interview skills. Here are some ways to prepare for interviews.

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