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UMBC’s Meyerhoff Scholars program continues to illustrate the power of increasing diversity in STEM fields. UMBC learned a lot of valuable lessons from that model when it launched the Cyber Scholars program in 2013. As a result, UMBC has stepped up as a model for cyber workforce development.

In this week’s Industry Roundup we’ll take a look at how tackling the digital world is one of the top strategic technology trends of 2018.  We’ll also take a peek into drones at Walmart, a new bar code technology, study of carbon cycles on plankton, and how robots are creating faster blood tests and results.

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Digital Mess – One of the Top Technology Trends of 2018

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The strategic aim of the ‘digital mess’ – which in essence means the connection between people, devices and services – is to improve the healthcare experience for all. That being said, there are security gaps that need to be addressed during this strategic journey to ensure sensitive patient information is secure.

Newest Walmart Helper – Drones?


You know we’ve hit the true digital age when you walk into a Walmart, turn over your shoulder, and a drone is there to answer your questions. For real? Yes! Walmart has filed a patent for drones. These drones will be at your service before you know it!

A New Technology that Turns Molecular Fingerprints into Bar Codes

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Scientists at EPFL’s School of Engineering and at Australian National University (ANU) have developed a compact and sensitive nanophotonic system that can identify a molecule’s absorption characteristics in a less complicated manner than infrared spectroscopy. This new sensor technology opens the door to large-scale image-based detection of materials using machine-learning technology.

Scientists to Study Carbon Cycle Impacts of Microscopic Plankton


A team of scientists is heading to the pacific ocean to analyze the ocean’s carbon cycle. They will study the biological and chemical processes that remove carbon, as well as establish a plan for future monitoring.

Robots to Make Faster Blood Testing Possible

blood test and robots

If you’ve ever waited for long periods of time to get your blood drawn and to get those blood test results, you might be happy to know that things are likely about to speed up. Thanks to robots, soon you may find yourself with extra time on your hands and less time fretting about the results. Researchers have created an automated blood drawing and testing device that will aid in this progress.

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