fueled by innovation

Fueled by Innovation | UMBC Industry News

UMBC’s community of inquiring minds is fueled by innovation. In fact, last month, UMBC shared a story of innovation whereby UMBC professor, Bradley Arnold, developed laser-based technology to safely and quickly detect IEDs and other hazards in combat zones.

data science world

The Data Science World | Faculty in Focus with Patty Delafuente

The data science world is complex, engaging, and always changing. Almost every industry sector is looking for new hires with data science skills. That includes industries like finance and insurance, manufacturing, public administration, healthcare, transportation, trade and more.

Industry News

Diverse Learning Environment | UMBC Industry News

UMBC is known for providing students with a diverse learning environment. In fact, The Wall Street Journal and Times High Higher Ed have just released their popular college rankings for 2019, again naming UMBC one of the nation’s top universities.


A Digital Strategic Opportunity | UMBC Industry Roundup

UMBC’s Meyerhoff Scholars program continues to illustrate the power of increasing diversity in STEM fields. UMBC learned a lot of valuable lessons from that model when it launched the Cyber Scholars program in 2013. As a result, UMBC has stepped up as a model for cyber workforce development.