UMBC Students Benefit from Emerging Technologies [VIDEO]

Students of UMBC ‘s Technical Management Graduate Program learn how to think strategically about emerging technologies and leading people in a diverse environment. Instructors teach them how to make sound ethical decisions in a technical environment. Additionally, students study how to use emerging technologies to provide a strategic advantage at an appropriate level of risk. In other words, instructors prepare students how to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Emerging Technologies Today

So many things that drive the way the nation is moving and the way commerce is going in this country are technically-oriented. This degree program helps individuals function and take advantage of the new and emerging technologies that are in the world today.

What Kind of Student Can Benefit from Emerging Technologies?

Individuals who should consider this degree program work in some kind of technical organization or have a technical background. However, a person doesn’t necessarily have to have a technical background to be successful in this program. It is not a technical curriculum. It’s a program that teaches how to interpret technical answers and look at their business implications. Essentially, it’s for individuals who want to become leaders in today’s world, drive change, and have an impact on the future of their organization and society.

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