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UMBC’s Graduate Programs in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering teach students how to address real-world problems through an innovative approach. In this week’s roundup, we catch a glimpse of how innovation can have major impacts on our planet. We also take a look at topics such as power questions for entrepreneurs, the land of microdreams, and how some organizations are winning the battle against cyber attacks.

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Lockheed Martin Corp Aims to Launch a New “Flow” Battery

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In the world of cool science and engineering, there is Lockheed Martin Corp rolling up their sleeves and presenting the world with a nontoxic “flow” battery that will help save money and use more renewable energy. Just what is a flow battery? Besides being a cool invention, they also use chemicals that dissolve in water and make them last longer then ion batteries. What does this mean? Better utility supply during peak periods, for starters.

Questions to Help You Reach Success

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If you run a business and you’re struggling to keep the doors open, the cash flowing, and employees happy, then asking yourself the right questions may offer some much needed clarity. By asking the tough questions, you’ll likely find helpful answers, answers that may help you make more successful decisions.

The Land of Microdreams Just Got Bigger!

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There is a time somewhere in between wakefulness and deep sleep that we enter and hardly ever remember. Researchers at MIT want to change this with a device they call Dormio. The idea behind this device is to help sleepers shape their usual random dreams into ones they can sort of control and even remember!

Organizations Becoming Better at Blocking Cyber Attacks

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In a world where numbers and code sit at the top of our dependency and where the threat of a cyber attack can knock us to our knees in frustration and total panic, we have good news. Companies are getting smarter about building defenses against security breaches. This article discusses five steps organizations can take to become more cyber resilient.

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