Entrepreneurs Develop Clean Energy Alternatives

Entrepreneurs are vital to our society as new startups respond to the ever-changing needs of the public.

UMBC’s Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership graduate program engages entrepreneurs to think of ways to respond to modern issues. In today’s Industry News, we explore some of the focus areas and organizations where entrepreneurs are making differences on a worldwide scale.

Orbital Materials Use AI to Develop Clean Energy

Orbital Materials is a recent startup based in London. Their mission is to use AI to find more sustainable energy sources for products such as jet fuel. Co-founder, Jonathan Goodwin, was inspired by his work with DeepMind, Google’s AI lab. In this work they created “a model to predict protein structures that could speed up the search for new drugs and vaccines.” Lastly, Goodwin hopes to apply this predictive technology to Orbital Material’s mission to find greener energy alternatives. 

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UK Entrepreneurs are Hesitant to Start Businesses

Recent studies have found that the UK is facing an unstable economy. One reason for this could be the sudden resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in 2022. The UK’s weak economy has led to a decrease in entrepreneurs as the public becomes less confident in their economy. According to new surveys, attitudes towards starting new businesses are as dire now as they were when facing the 2008 Recession. 

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DVertex Info System’s Waste Collection Management 

DVertex Info System, a young company based in New Delhi, is using GIS and IoT softwares “has officially launched its proprietary waste collection management software, SafaiMitra.” Amit Tripathi, DVertex Info System’s co-founder and head of technology, claims that they aim to create a “cleaner and greener future.” They hope to accomplish this through SafaiMitra, by increasing productivity through its holistic solution.

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Venture Studios Provide Support for Entrepreneurs

Shshir Goel, a founding partner of the venture studio Gogroup, explains that venture studios differ from incubators and accelerators. In contrast, they support startups by analyzing the market they are looking to fill, and then helps provide the resources needed to build up the organization. Goel emphasizes finding the right studio for you, as a founder, so that you may minimize the risk of creating a startup. This includes doing your research into the studio to who is running the studio and what connections they might be able to bring to you.

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To conclude, thankfully there are entrepreneurs all over the world who are creating new paths through their organizations. Click here to read about the graduate program in entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation offered at UMBC. 

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