Exploring Geospatial Techniques and Technologies [podcast]

In this episode, we dive into the impact of GIS in various fields, including crime analysis, housing, and urban development.

Welcome to this episode of UMBC’s Mic’d Up podcast about Exploring Geospatial Techniques and Technologies: UMBC’s GIS Graduate Program. 

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Dillon Mahmoudi and Ron Wilson, who are part of UMBC’s graduate program in geographic information systems

They discuss their backgrounds, how they got involved with the GIS program at UMBC, as well as the evolution and relaunch of the program.

Impact of GIS

We dive into the importance of spatial thinking and the impact of GIS in various fields, including crime analysis, housing, and urban development. They emphasize the unique approach of UMBC’s GIS program, focusing on open-source technologies, justice, and producing meaningful maps. The program aims to prepare students to tackle complex geospatial questions and provide them with deep methodological thinking.

The conversation also explores the role of AI technology in GIS and how it complements human expertise. The instructors highlight the importance of human input, critical thinking, and the ability to make informed decisions based on data analysis. They stress that AI cannot replace the human element and that students should embrace and harness the power of AI to enhance their work.

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The UMBC GIS Program

UMBC’s GIS program stands apart from others through its innovative curriculum, dedicated instructors, and the incorporation of real-world problems and examples. Students are encouraged to think critically, apply their knowledge to novel situations, and positively impact their chosen field. The program instills technical skills, rigorous analysis, and a broader understanding of the social aspects of geospatial issues.

About UMBC’s Geographic Information System

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program at UMBC offers a Master of Professional Studies in GIS and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in GIS. UMBC’s GIS program is unique in its focus on applying critical GIS to improve the lives of people, society, and the environment. Students will gain the knowledge and technical skills for careers involving geographical analysis and programming, suited for professionals who need to solve complex issues using GIS.

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