Exploring Innovative Teaching for Enhanced Learning

Learn about new innovative teaching methods in college classrooms with an interview with Jenny McFadden, Ed.D. She studied College Teaching and Learning Science at UMBC after getting her Ed.D.

Join us as we delve into Jenny’s experiences, her commitment to innovative teaching, and the valuable insights she offers to prospective post-master certificate students.

An Educational Journey

Jenny embarked on her post-master’s certificate journey driven by a strong desire for professional growth. She is dedicated to inspiring students to solve real-life problems. Her motivation lies in fostering an engaging learning process.

Innovative Teaching in Action

Jenny extends her expertise to students at her community college, particularly those needing additional guidance in English development. In a recent podcast episode, she shares her experiences integrating student-centered strategies rooted in innovative teaching. These strategies not only enhance engagement but also cater to the diverse needs of students.

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UMBC’s College Teaching and Learning Science Program Emphasizing

Jenny underscores the Quality Matters (QM) component of the College Teaching and Learning Science (CTLS) program at UMBC. This emphasis aligns with her college’s goal to standardize online and hybrid courses. The QM boot camp equipped her with crucial knowledge for adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of online education. UMBC’s program stands out by providing practical insights for educators navigating the challenges of online teaching.

Challenges and Opportunities Fostering Empathy in Teaching

Jenny’s journey through the program wasn’t without challenges, mirroring the obstacles faced by her students. Balancing work, family, and coursework offered valuable insights into the daily struggles of non-traditional students. This experience cultivated empathy, reinforcing the importance of understanding and supporting students facing similar challenges.

Key Takeaways Focus on Student-Centered Learning

Jenny’s most significant takeaway from the CTLS program is the emphasis on student-centered learning. Advocating for personalized teaching methods, authentic assessments, and meeting the needs of diverse students, she resonates with educators striving to create impactful learning experiences.

Encouragement for Prospective Students

Jenny shares her experience with future post-master certificate students, believing the UMBC program benefits their growth. Educators, she emphasizes, can enhance their skills through practical experience and flexible learning while addressing real-life problems.

UMBC’s College Teaching and Learning Science Program

UMBC’s program stands out for its adaptable structure, which enables students to pursue independent study. The program emphasizes Quality Matters and online learning to ensure graduates have practical skills for the changing education field. For teachers seeking a flexible and comprehensive approach aligned with their values, UMBC’s CTLS program is an ideal choice.

In Conclusion

Jenny McFadden’s teaching journey inspires educators aspiring to grow and make a difference in their careers. UMBC’s College Teaching and Learning Science program helps people in education by providing guidance in the ever-changing field of teaching and learning science. Educators must remember that investing in new teaching methods is an investment in the future of education.

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  1. suhani kishnani says:

    Jenny’s journey through innovative teaching beautifully highlights the transformative power of student-centered learning. Her commitment to understanding and supporting diverse student needs, coupled with practical insights from UMBC’s program, exemplifies the empathy and dedication needed in today’s educational landscape. Prospective students can draw inspiration from Jenny’s experiences, knowing they too can make a meaningful impact through personalized teaching methods and a focus on real-life problem-solving.

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