Frustration is a Good Thing in Learning

At first sight of the the word frustration, most of us might not relate it to something positive. But Chuck Rainville ’21, PBC, UMBC Data Science Graduate Program, feels it was instrumental in his learning.

“The program teaches you that to be frustrated is a good thing. Oftentimes, you are right at the threshold of making a discovery. So, if you’re feeling that, and I felt it a million times with every homework assignment, that’s a good thing. Frustration is an exercise in growth.”

Tune in to learn about the many insights Chuck learned as a student in the PBC Data Science program at UMBC. 

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About UMBC’s Data Science Graduate Programs

The Data Science graduate program at UMBC prepares students to respond to the growing demand for professionals with data science knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our program brings together faculty from a wide range of fields who have a deep understanding of the real-world applications of data analytics. UMBC’s Data Science programs prepare students to excel in data science roles through hands-on experience, rigorous academics, and access to a robust network of knowledgeable industry professionals. 

These programs were designed with working professionals in mind and offer courses in the evening and online to accommodate students with full-time jobs. With two campuses in Baltimore and Rockville, students can choose the location that best suits their needs. UMBC offers a 10-course Data Science Master’s program (M.P.S. in Data Science) as well as a 4-course post-baccalaureate certificate in Data Science.

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