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Jasmine Abrams Works To Fight HIV/AIDS Stigma

Assistant professor of psychology, Jasmine Abrams, is granted a $390,000 award from the National Institutes of Health via the Fogarty International Center to continue to provide HIV prevention sources and increase pregnant women’s access to health care in Haiti.

UMBC Receives $1.4M Grant

The National Science Foundation awarded UMBC the five-year-long Improving Undergraduate Science Education (IUSE) grant to focus on teaching and learning biology.

Third Annual GRIT-X Talk Is A Success

On October 13, UMBC’s finest artists, scientists, and social change agents shared their ideas at the third annual GRIT-X. Vice President for Research Karl Steiner says that “all our talks gave a different facet, a different beam of light, on what we do at UMBC.”

Critical Social Justice Week Focuses on Impact

UMBC Women’s Center planned this year’s Critical Social Justice Week around the core idea of mobilizing people’s passions to ignite a movement focused on inclusion, equity, engagement, and community.

Dana Bradley Named New Dean of the Erickson School for Aging Services

Dana Bradley, who considers herself an accidental gerontologist, has dedicated her career to helping people understand the process of aging and is excited by the expertise the Erickson School has to offer.

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