At The Heart of Software Engineering

In a tech-centric world, the heart of software engineering is more than code—it’s about forging connections, filling gaps, and uplifting communities.

Tune in to UMBC’s Mic’d Up podcast as Hidare Debar, a Software Engineering grad student, shares her inspiring life journey. Discover her vision for using tech to foster cultural unity and collaboration.

A Journey of Resilience and Passion

Hidare Debar’s story starts in an Ethiopian village, where she embraced education, starting with the local alphabet. Progressing through school, Hidare’s unending curiosity drove her to a master’s in international economic development. Throughout her academic pursuits, Hidare embraced various jobs and opportunities to support herself and her family.

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Discovering the Power of Technology

Hidare discovered computers post-graduation, delving into tech, digital communication, and modern devices. Adapting to these changes was challenging and exciting for her, igniting a curiosity to understand and master the digital landscape. With an economic development background and a heart for helping, Hidare found her fit in software engineering.

Choosing the Path of Software Engineering

As Hidare discovered the Software Engineering program at UMBC, she found a community that resonated with her goals and values. The department’s skilled professors and varied specializations caught her eye, offering a chance to learn, grow, and create impact. What stood out was the technical expertise and the opportunity to channel creativity into problem-solving and innovation.

The Heart of Software Engineering

Hidare’s passion for software engineering transcends mere technical proficiency. For her, software engineering is a medium to connect with others, share knowledge, and bridge cultural divides. Linking students to giving back and cross-cultural learning, she foresees technology driving positive change.

A Call to Action

Hidare’s journey reminds us of the transformative power of education, technology, and human connection. As we navigate the ever-evolving world of software engineering, we’re inspired to consider the broader impact of our work. How can our technical skills be harnessed to uplift communities, promote understanding, and improve the world? Hidare’s story challenges us to think beyond code and algorithms and embrace the human element in our digital endeavors.

Educational Experience

UMBC’s software engineering graduate program offers a transformative educational experience. It equips students with the skills necessary to delve into the heart of software engineering. With expert faculty guidance and a collaborative learning environment, students learn to bridge the gap between innovation and real-world impact. This program prepares them to excel in the technical realm. It nurtures their ability to create connections, foster collaboration, and make a positive difference in communities.

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