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UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology graduate programs help prepare graduate students to learn effective strategies to develop, design, and deliver effective in-person and online learning experiences.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at the world of online learning and share articles about accessibility, college surveys, and the future remote instruction.

Accessibility in Online Learning

Studies over the past two years researching the effectiveness of online education have recently shown the many advantages remote instruction provides to many populations. Students with disabilities benefit the most from remote instruction, as it can be a more accessible environment.

Click here to read more about online education’s accessibility. 

College Student Survey on Online Education

McKinsey and Company, a management consultancy, conducted research into why students might be more reluctant to take online courses. This survey was on 7,000 students from countries all over the world. These results showed eight general dimensions that students felt could be improved upon. One result found was 80% of students preferred in person learning because it is easier to receive help from instructors.

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Online Education is the Future

The demand in the world of online learning has increased steadily since the Covid-19 pandemic. More students want to see a variety of education pathways that fit the different lifestyles of every individual student. To meet the demand of online learning, the UNESCO has created a new plan for higher education institutions. This plan “advocates flexible learning pathways that connect different levels and types of learning, aiming to ‘enlarge education opportunities for youth and adults and avoid dead ends.’”

Click here to read more about UNESCO’s plan.

Online learning has many advantages which you can read here. UMBC offers a variety of hybrid courses as well as a fully online programs.

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