Improve Your Self-Promotion Skills

When executed effectively, self-promotion becomes a skill that can propel you into the desired positions within your career.

Many people feel uncomfortable at the idea of self-promotion as it may feel that you are bragging about your accomplishments and fear that people will find you arrogant. If done poorly, self-promotion can look like simple, shameless bragging. Still, it can also bring awareness to your work and the benefits of giving you more responsibility and higher positions in your career.

Give Credit to Yourself and Others

Most projects are going to involve a team working together. When given a compliment on your work, it is essential to acknowledge the critical portion you have accomplished within that project, but also be sure to spread light on the work others did that was vital for the project. This way, you can promote yourself in a way that shows humility and gives a fair share of credit to those who have supported you. 

Appear Confident

Confidence in your work is essential to ensure that others feel confident in you. This will mean others will feel assured in giving you more responsibilities. Some ways to appear confident are to cut back on self-deprecating humor or downplaying your achievements. Making a joke or two at your own expense is natural, but disparaging yourself at work may lead to people subconsciously doubting your abilities. Similarly, refrain from trying to soften your success by downplaying it. Humility is a good trait, but constantly devaluing your work will make it appear like you have low self-esteem.

Online Networking

One way to stand out within your industry is to expand your network. Social media is the best tool to connect with others outside your organization. LinkedIn is a great way to create contacts within your field, as it focuses on the professional lives of its users. Still, other applications such as Twitter or Facebook can accomplish the same goal if used correctly. When building these industry connections, be sure to focus on the work you are doing rather than your personal life on these applications.

Self-Promotion Within the Office

Be your own advocate within the workplace. Once you have completed a task, email your supervisor sharing your results. It may feel like bragging, but a win for you is a win for the company and should impress and delight your supervisor. While this may not apply to every organization, another way to promote yourself within the workplace is to insert yourself within a company newsletter or annual report that shares individual accomplishments.

Hopefully, these tips can help you be more confident in your self-promotion in the workplace. For more professional advice, click here.

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