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Here’s a recap of what’s in the news in and around the UMBC campus.

UMBC has the most African-American undergraduates pursuing M.D.-Ph.D.s in the U.S.

UMBC is committed to undergraduate research, and this commitment is what raises the playing field for many students who desire to pursue and earn their advanced degrees. Out of 427 African Americans who earned their advanced degrees in the U.S., 10 percent of them are UMBC alumni. Read More

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Microsoft’s “AI for Earth” program awarded a grant to a UMBC alumna and visiting faculty member

This grant will allow Jennifer Sleeman, Ph.D. ’17 the funding needed to continue her work in developing algorithms. These algorithms provide insights into scientific disciplines such as climate change. Read More

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UMBC takes active role in new transparency initiative for life science career prospects

UMBC is among nine other institutions to provide statistical reports on life science doctoral programs with insights on things such as admission, enrollment, length of time in a doctoral program, demographics of doctoral students, and jobs held by former graduate students and fellows. Read More

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