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Welcome to The Division of Professional Studies Weekly Industry Roundup where we take a peek into various industries and see what exciting things are happening.

Lost Empires are now Accessible Via Satellites

Some pretty cool news coming in from the land of commercial and spy satellites as they reveal their ability to zoom in on Afghanistan’s lost empires. Too dangerous to venture to in person, these sites are now discoverable because satellites are allowing archeologists a front row seat to some pretty amazing findings. Read More

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Photo Credit: Digitalglobe, inc.

Key Lessons Learned from Big Data Breaches

Breaches that happened in 2017 shocked many, and caused us to question how safe our data really is. The big offenders, Equifax, Yahoo and Uber, delayed reporting and addressing the issues, and this wreaked havoc on many consumers. Read More

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How Companies Use Location Intelligence to Drive Growth

In this special podcast by ESRI, Leslie Hand, VP of retail insights at IDC, talks about companies who are using spatial analytics to drive customer growth and loyalty. Read More

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Protecting privacy with smartphones… Can it be done?

Smartphone app can still track us even when GPS is turned off, according to this article by SIMBUS360. If that isn’t unnerving enough, apparently the app can monitor what you are doing, such as walking, driving, or riding in a plane or train. Read More

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