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Industry Roundup for Friday, 1-19-2018

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into the eLearning industry’s most popular articles, entrepreneurial stress and how to minimize it, the next internet, and SEO.

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A List of Most Popular eLearning Industry Articles

The year 2017 offered those with their finger on the pulse of the eLearning industry some insightful articles that introduced new trends, tips, and strategies. See the list.

Coping Mechanisms to Squash the Stress of Running a Business


Let’s face it, being your own boss has a lot of perks. It also comes with a lot of stress over things you may not have thought of when you first said goodbye to that cubicle and hello to your own digs. If you find yourself overwhelmed, this article has some great insights.

Why Healthcare Should Push for the Next Internet


For starters, our data is vulnerable. Most of the world’s microprocessors have security flaws. This offers a huge opportunity for hackers to take a front row seat to our personal info. The current Internet is outdated, and some are looking to the healthcare industry to build the next iteration. This article fleshes it out for us.

SEO 101. Can Mastering It Really be that Simple?


You write interesting, thought-provoking, helpful articles and scratch your head when your analytics shows you that you received a measly 10 clicks. Out of those 10 clicks, you probably recognize that you caused 8 of them because you forgot to apply your IP filter to your results. If it’s not your content that’s failing, perhaps it’s your SEO efforts. This article pinpoints a simple formula to help get your words more views.

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