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Industry Roundup for Friday, 2-9-2018

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into a new credit card breach, employee turnover and motivational factors, patient engagement through transparency of data, a free virtual tour of UMBC’s IO Psychology program and its benefits.

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Up to 40,000 Accounts Affected by Credit Breach

credit card

Credit card breaches have become one of those things that is commonplace in society, it seems. Yet another announcement sailed in last week when OnePlus conducted an an internal investigation and discovered the breach. A malicious script invaded and stole credit card details.

Money Matters, Or Does It When it Comes to Employee Turnover?


It’s an age-old question: Is money a motivator when it comes to employee retention? This article examines the reasons why employees seek other opportunities, and discovers that money isn’t a significant reason. In fact, a key finding to a study conducted found that people paid less are only a little more likely to leave than if they were paid more.

The Key Factor in Patient Engagement: Reshaping Data

medical files

It’s no surprise barriers exist between healthcare providers and patients. Is technology the answer to help unblock the obstacles? This article looks into the spirit of empowerment when patients are given access to more data, creating a sense of autonomy and vested interest.

UMBC IO Psychology Graduate Program Virtual Info Session

Curious about a career in IO Psychology? Program Director, Dr. Elliot Lasson and Assistant Program Director, Dr. Elissa Abod, discuss the benefits of UMBC’s IO Psychology Graduate Program in this video.

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