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Industry Roundup for Friday, 2-16-2018

In this week’s Industry Roundup we take a peek into brilliant business ideas, Amazon and Healthcare, Machine Learning, and Technology in the HR field.

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When Pain Points Turn into a Brilliant Business Ideas

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Great business startups aren’t created in a vacuum. They start when that bright light goes off in your brain and compels you to look deeper into its core. This article talks about a few common sources of startup ideas.

Amazon Taking a Small Step Into a Large Health Industry Journey

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Amazon is making its way into the basic medical supplies industry, readying itself as a go-to source for things like bandages, latex gloves and sutures, according to this article. Can Amazon become the answer to the ever-troubling issues surrounding big hospital distribution systems?

How Machines Actually Learn

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You have to love the convenience and ease of plopping a sentence, paragraph, or even a long document into Google translate and watching as translated words spill onto your screen. How does a computer learn to do this? Read on…

The Reshaping of the HR Landscape through Technology

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As more and more data is collected, will future organizations use this data to analyze candidates? Digital footprints offer employers a wide-eyed view into a candidate’s character, credibility, and reliability. This article explains how your digital footprint could be the defining element in many circumstances.

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