Inspiring Change Through Building Community Leadership 

In our rapidly evolving society, the act of building community holds greater significance than ever before. It’s about creating spaces where individuals collaborate and collectively work towards a common goal, actively building community.

UMBC’s Community Leadership program is tailored for those who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. The program equips students with academic knowledge and empowers them with practical skills to effectively build and strengthen communities.

The Power of Shared Resources

One remarkable aspect of community building is the idea of shared resources. In a recent episode of UMBC’s Mic’d Up podcast, Emily Shrope, M.P.S. ’23, sheds light on this concept through her capstone project. Emily worked with the Station North Tool Library, a unique initiative where individuals can access various tools. This resource-sharing platform reduces waste and promotes a culture of collaboration within the community.

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Bridging Gaps with Practical Application

UMBC’s Community Leadership program stands out for its emphasis on practical application. Students don’t just learn about theories and concepts; they implement them. Through projects like Emily’s “Fix It Fair,” students learn to organize events that engage the community, address real-world challenges, and create sustainable solutions. This hands-on experience prepares graduates to be influential leaders who drive meaningful change.

Empowering Individuals for Collective Impact

A key pillar of community leadership is empowerment. The program encourages students to recognize their potential and leverage their skills to inspire others. Students like Emily gain the tools to advocate for positive change by developing a deeper understanding of social justice issues. This ripple effect extends beyond the classroom, creating a network of empowered leaders who continue to make a difference.

Cultivating a Culture of Connection

At its core, community building is about fostering meaningful connections. UMBC’s program emphasizes the importance of relationships in driving community action. Through initiatives like the “Fix It Fair,” students learn that collaboration and shared experiences are essential in creating a sense of belonging. This culture of connection extends far beyond graduation, leaving a lasting legacy of empowered leaders.


UMBC’s Community Leadership program is more than just an academic pursuit—it’s a transformative journey towards building more robust, vibrant communities. Through shared resources, practical application, empowerment, and a focus on meaningful connections, graduates are equipped to lead with purpose and drive positive change. The program’s impact extends beyond the classroom, leaving a legacy of empowered leaders dedicated to building a better world.

To learn more about UMBC’s Community Leadership program, click here.

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