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As the school year progresses, the UMBC community continues to host and participate in events, showcasing our students’ hard work. UMBC leaders also discuss new paths to providing the best education possible.

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UMBC’s 2023 Livewire Festival

UMBC’s annual music festival, Livewire, took place the last two weeks of October in the Linehan Concert Hall. The performers include “alumni Kathryn Blake ’21 and Karena Ingram ’16, a premiere by faculty member Linda Dusman, and premieres of works by student composers D’Juan Moreland and Aaron Statham.” Professor of music and a violinist, Airi Yoshioka, was the director for this year’s festival. 

To learn more about UMBC performers at Livewire, click here.

UMBC Students Compete in International Cybersecurity Competition

UMBC students Kevin Chen ’23, computer science, Zachary Amoss ’24, computer science, and Leela SaiNadh Gade, M.P.S. ’24, cybersecurity all competed in a Country-to-Country Capture the Flag competition hosted in Yokohama, Japan. Chen, a member of the UMBC CyberDawg’s, and his team with members from countries all over the globe were able to complete the final challenge of the competition. This earned them the Hitachi award, and they placed fourth in the general competition.

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UMBC Co-Hosts the 11th International Digital Storytelling Conference

UMBC has participated in “story-driven research” such as documentaries with former workers at the Sparrows Point steel mill in Baltimore County and the “A Place Called Poppleton,” documenting the people and the history of the Poppleton neighborhood in Baltimore City. Julissa Gómez Ruvalcaba, M.A. ’23, a featured presenter at the event highlights the importance of storytelling research as it shows “your story in a way that’s visually engaging, along with audio, captures [many] of the senses, which is something that I want to show people that can’t really be shown on paper.”

To learn more about this event, click here.

Higher Education Leaders at the iMPACT Maryland Event

UMBC’s President Ashby, met with the presidents of the University of Baltimore, Towson University, and Morgan State as well as the chief executive officer of Baltimore City Schools and the president of the Central Scholarship Bureau at the iMPACT Maryland event. They discussed ways to increase the accessibility of higher education, especially for those who cannot afford tuition. President Ashby spoke of the supreme court’s decision to stop “race-conscious admission” and that it will not affect the diverse student body we see here at UMBC.  The keynote speakers for this event include Governor Wes Moore and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

To learn more about this event, click here

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