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UMBC launched its Translational Life Science Technology program at USG, in partnership with Montgomery College. TLST will be one of the first programs offered in USG’s new Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education Facility when the building opens this fall. It is also UMBC’s first undergraduate STEM program to be offered at USG. In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a closer look at the life sciences sector in Maryland. We also take a look at a new sugar alternative for diabetics, the power of a garden on the mind, and ways corporations are working to help the environment.

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The Reinvention of Sugar

In a son’s attempt to help his dad live a healthier life when diagnosed with Diabetes, he reinvented sugar while just beginning his chemical engineering degree. He invented a natural alternative to help his father avoid sugar. #innovation

The Power of a Garden

Many breakthroughs happen while under the spell of nature. Some of the creative greats heard their callings while traversing the wooden paths and flowery playgrounds of nature. There is also a healing power to them. Nothing can satisfy our state of mental health quite like the symbiotic nature of open air, green pastures, and fields of wildflowers. Stressed professionals could take a lesson from nature, if only they learned to put down their smartphones and tune into the ever-present vibe of nature’s calling.

Caring about the Environment

Plastics are destroying our ecology and wreaking havoc on the lives of countless species struggling to stay vibrant. Human beings and our overindulgence in the use of plastics has caused a major imbalance. One major retailer is going against that grain and striving for a more sustainable way of life. Wegmans has announced it will cut 2 million pounds of plastic from its stores this year.

New Pharma Coming to Maryland

Kite Pharma is opening a state-of-the-art facility in Frederick and will employ between 400 and 800 employees. They will be manufacturing their brand new FDA approved CAR-T therapy that genetically codes a cancer patient’s T cells.

Greater Collaboration on Life Sciences

The UK’s Midlands Engine and The Maryland Department of Commerce have just signed an agreement to work together to improve the collaborative efforts in the life sciences sector.

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