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Every single innovative product on the market today had to be developed by someone who thought outside the box. UMBC is constantly innovating and encouraging its community to reach new heights and positively change the world through this kind of forward thinking. In today’s industry roundup, we take a look at how innovation is changing our powered world as we know it. We also look at an innovative group project that has wide-reaching application for the homeless population, the future of AI and cloud computing, and hot trends in data analytics for 2020.

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Innovation that Could Change Our Powered World

Power. It’s a big deal. Without it, we’d be tossed back into the dark ages wrestling with fears of meeting our basic needs like food, shelter and safety. Good thing this world has an innovative solution to address the growing need to manage power in a more efficient and effective manner. Meet the world’s first and only digital circuit breaker certified for commercial use.

The Future of AI and the Cloud
It takes robust power to run algorithms for running AI applications, creating an interesting march toward the future. By 2022, 80% of smartphones will have AI capabilities on the device itself versus being dependent on cloud-computing services, up from only 10% currently.

Innovation Is at the Forefront of Success

Check out this story about a group of innovative teens who saw a problem and created a solution. They invented a solar powered tent for the homeless.

Hot Trends in Data Analytics to Watch for in 2020

Big Data is a familiar term used by nearly every industry today. By 2020, it’s predicted the amount of data we create will be equal to 44 trillion gigabytes. It doubles in size every 2 years! When it comes to solutions to manage this data, there are some interesting trends to keep an eye on.

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