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UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology Graduate Program is one of UMBC’s most established graduate programs. It helps prepare students to design, deliver, support, and measure training, learning, and performance within organizations and classrooms.

In today’s Industry news we take a look at the world of instruction, as well as explore the spoken word and fascinating news about the edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

Humor in a Remote Classroom is Hard

It’s not joke that today’s remote classroom’s are feeling the effect of seriousness, or a lack of humor to be more precise. There are real benefits to incorporating humor into the classroom. This article explores the effect on learning.

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The History of Remote Learning Started Long Ago

According to a study by Unicef, over 94% of countries relied on remote learning during the darkest days of the pandemic. Now many people might be surprised to know that it’s not the first time we’ve embraced it globally. During the Polio pandemic in 1937, our country turned to radio to conduct remote learning.

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The Spoken Word

When performed, the written and spoken word can help students improve their writing skills, academic performance, confidence and social skills. Amanda Gordan’s poetry at the Presidential inauguration has caused us to take a breath and realize its potential.

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The Edge of the Milky Way

Astronomers have finally discovered where the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy is. Check it out, our galaxy stretches on for an unbelievable, mid-warping 1.9 million light-years, a new study finds.

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