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Earlier this week, UMBC was the first to be featured in a lineup of valuable partnerships with the NSA as part of their featured schools campaign.  In this week’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at how UMBC is helping to address national security challenges through its programs, the value of clocking out to rejuvenate, cool Google Maps tools, and how personal data is being controlled. 

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NSA and UMBC: Partners for 20 Plus Years

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UMBC continues to develop the talent and tools needed to meet national security challenges. In fact, 1,100 plus NSA employees have UMBC degrees. “Through this work we are helping to address the need for well-trained cyber professionals by creating a network of talented people to protect the state, nation, and world,” said UMBC President Freeman A. Hrabowski III.

Time Off May Help Cure a Sluggish Mood

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Scheduling that day off may be the best tool for your productivity. There are many benefits to calling in and clocking out. Yes, this may seem counter-intuitive for the busy professional. But it’s not, and this article teaches us why.

Must Try Google Map Tricks
google maps

There’s a lot more value than meets the eye when it comes to Google Maps. For instance, did you know that Google Maps includes ride-sharing services? Or that you can plan your transit route? Heck you can even experience the fun of time travel! Well sort of…

Are You in Control of Your Data?

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Think you control the data you put into the world? Think again. Think that text between you and a friend or a loved one is yours and yours alone to view and share? When it comes time to personal data, there is no such thing as ‘for your eyes only’. Turns out that eyes are not the only window to your soul. That smartphone you tap throughout the day takes the win on that one.

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