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UMBC is known for providing students with a diverse learning environment. In fact, The Wall Street Journal and Times High Higher Ed have just released their popular college rankings for 2019, again naming UMBC one of the nation’s top universities. In this week’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at the face of today’s nontraditional college students, the new 5G rollout, a peek at homes of the future, and how technology may help solve nature problems. 

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The Face of Today’s College Students

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Today’s college students are decidedly nontraditional, meaning they have characteristics that veer away from what we’ve seen in year’s past. Nontraditional students are defined by characteristics such as, a single parents, lacking a traditional high school diploma, and financially independent from their parents.

Are You Ready for 5G?


Networks are working hard to roll out the fifth generation of cellular technology. Faster speeds and lower latency could spell brand new opportunities in everything from smartphones to self-driving cars.

A Peek at the Home of the Future

future home

In fifty years, things will have changed dramatically. It’s fun to think of what kind of impact those changes will have on how and where we live. Let’s take a home, for example. Imagine how cool it would be if your smart home of the future, truly was that smart? Like being able to pull together a shopping list based on how well it knows you?

Can Technology Solve Nature Problems?

garbage patch

We caused the gigantic garbage patch of plastic in the Pacific waters. Now, can we eliminate it through technology? The inventors of a floating trash-collector surely believes so. The giant floating vessel will leave out of San Francisco this Saturday and chart a course for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to clean it up.

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