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The UMBC Career Center recently hosted its biannual Career Fair and attracted over 1,500 students, alumni, and community members. The Center offers great resources to help create success stories within our community.

In today’s Industry Roundup, we take a look at the interview process and one element to never leave out. Additionally, we look at providing high-value results in whatever field you work. We also delve into the wondrous world of machine learning.

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Never Leave Out this Part in an Interview

You’ve planned, researched, and rehearsed for that major job interview. Now you show up ready to dazzle them with great poise, confident you’ll land the position. But you don’t. What happened to kick you out of the opportunity? This article shares one major thing to pay close attention to the next time you interview.

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The Downside of Low-Value Work

Most professionals are overwhelmed. We have a list of tasks with competing priorities that is too long to handle. This article suggests ways to get rid of the low value tasks so you can focus on the tasks that bring the most value.

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An Intro to Machine Learning

What is machine learning? The simplest definition is that it’s an umbrella term that focuses on generic algorithms, algorithms that help us understand data without having to write custom code. This article provides a great summary.

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Natural Bias in Machine Learning

Machine learning isn’t impartial. Disturbing biases are occurring that can have profound impacts on policies, researchers, and practitioners. Biases tend to be amplified through algorithms when machines draw predictions based on skewed data resulting from a majority group and runaway feedback loops.

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