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UMBC Cybersecurity Graduate Programs respond to the local and national need for trained cybersecurity professionals. At UMBC, we are focused on being cyber aware and celebrate Cyber Awareness Month this October.

In today’s Industry Roundup, we bring you a few cyber-related articles on job demands and cyber threats. We also delve into the tricky blind spots of AI and climate crisis.

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Cybersecurity Jobs Still in High Demand

According to this jobs report by Burning Glass, the number of cybersecurity job postings has grown 94% since 2013, compared to only 30% for IT positions overall. That’s over three times faster than the overall IT market.

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Sneaky Cyber Threats

It’s cyber awareness month, and today we wanted to share a helpful article with tips on how to protect yourself against 7 risks.

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The Blind Spots of AI

Not all blind spots are created equal. Case in point, most can wreak havoc on us personally, and some can even benefit us. While some AI blind spots can cause grave issues, some of the blindspots might actually protect our privacy.

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Plants to the Climate Rescue

Plants are one of our strongest allies when it comes to climate crisis. One botanist, Joanne Chory, and her team are working on a way for plants to help the planet even more. They are genetically modifying the plants to absorb more carbon dioxide.

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