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UMBC’s Interactive Robotics and Language Lab is where students study the physical space that people and robots occupy. Their goal is to learn how to build robots that can perform tasks in noisy, real-world environments. 

In this week’s roundup, we take a peek into how one company is planning to use robots to do shopping for customers. We also take a look at topics such as millennial women in cybersecurity, the future of health analytics, space exploration, and some big news out of Oracle.

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Robots Grocery Shopping?


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Tired of walking the aisles of your local grocery shop or department store? No need to fret with what’s coming down the pipeline. In a small town in England, a hive-grid machine is making a name for itself with robots that do the shopping for you. When the operation is in full swing, it’ll process 3.5 million items every week. That’s a whole lot of potential. Better get that shopping list ready!

Millennial Women More Excited about Cybersecurity than Millennial Men

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The cybersecurity world could face a global talent shortage by as much as 2 million unfilled positions by 2020. That’s a lot of wiggle room for those interested in a career in this growing field. And, according to survey data from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), female millennials are the ones showing the greatest excitement.

The Future of Health Tech Analytics

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With the consistent rise in healthcare patients, hospitals are dealing with an overwhelming amount of data. According to a March 2018 report from Grand View Research, the healthcare analytics market will be worth close to $54 billion worldwide by 2025. What analytical tools will we have in the future to make sense of all this data?

A New Fuel for Space Exploration

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If you’re mesmerized by the mysteries of outer space and all the potential power it holds, you might get a little excited about this latest news from A new source of power may soon be making its grand entrance into the space exploration arena. A new nuclear energy system possible of powering space flights has just passed a series of crucial tests.

Oracle is New Owner of


Oracle announced that it has acquired, a privately held cloud workspace platform for data science projects. Oracle customers will be able to harness a single data science platform as they engage in predictive analysis work to improve business and results. A huge benefit to Oracle customers.

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