Stories of Success: UMBC IO Psychology Students Nominated for SIOP Conference

A number of UMBC IO Psychology graduate students had the honor of being nominated to attend the 2018 SIOP (Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology) Conference. This event took place in Chicago on the weekend of April 19th through the 21st. They had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and IO Psychology students from other universities, as well as attend seminars. Exhibitors included IBM, Amazon, and The American Psychological Association (APA), and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

UMBC I/O Psychology Students at the Master's Consortium

UMBC IO Psychology Students at the Master’s Consortium

Professional Development Resources

The conference was rich with professional development tools. Speakers shared advice on how to land jobs, how to ace an interview, and how to best present your value to employers. Specific topics included how to address interview questions professionally. Additionally, they spoke about the skills needed to obtain an IO Psychology position in growing sectors within the government. Another speaker focused on the importance of self branding. Notably, she explained how to create a professional online presence utilizing social media. Immediately, UMBC IO Psychology Student Twisha Thakore was immersed in information about current IO Psychology trends and research developments.

“The session by Kim Happich of PepsiCo concentrated on what to do
once you have landed a job. She discussed the challenges in accepting a new position
and working with new coworkers. Importantly, I felt that this was essential for graduates who are not
able to anticipate the next steps after starting a job.”  – UMBC IO Psych Student Twisha Thakore

Furthermore, at the Master’s Student Consortium, Twisha had the opportunity to speak with IO graduate students from around the world and exchange experiences and ideas.

Dr. Elliot Lasson and I/O Psychology student Karan at the conference

Program Director Dr. Elliot Lasson and IO student Karan

The Latest IO Psychology Research

Overall, while at the conference, Twisha found that there was a wealth of information from the speakers, panelists, and chairpersons. She gained knowledge of industry trends and the latest research developments. Industry leaders spoke about a variety of relevant topics, using their extensive professional and personal experiences. There was a focus on technological advances within the industry and other how other sciences are being integrated with IO Psychology.

“I feel that SIOP is a reflection of what the IO community contributes toward establishing
an ongoing professional network. As a professional organization, SIOP gives us an
opportunity to learn and connect with resources that expand our coursework and
internship experiences.” – UMBC IO Psych Student Twisha Thakore 

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