Safeguarding the Human Element via I/O Psychology

We recently chatted with I/O Psychology professional and UMBC alum, Twisha Thakore ’19, M.P.S. I/O Psychology. We spoke about the critical elements, qualities, and skills needed to be effective as an I/O Psychologist. Accordingly, she highlighted the importance of safeguarding the delicate balance between business and the human element.

The Work of an I/O Psychologist

The art and science of I/O Psychology operates on the notion that people are more than data on a screen. Generally, it’s often the responsibility of the I/O Psychologist to interpret data points. Basically, they create a story to explain the data to stakeholders in terms that will create meaning and context. Through telling the story, an I/O Psychologist equips stakeholders at all levels with helpful information. Consequently, this info helps them to make sound decisions and plan of actions for their learning and development initiatives. Notwithstanding, data is worthless without meaning, context, and understanding behind it. 

Understanding I/O Psychology

Twisha stated that I/O Psychology is about having a balanced act between corporate strategies and people. We need to use psychological principles to ensure that the human element is protected at all costs.

I/O Psychology Podcast

About UMBC’s M.P.S. in I/O Psychology

The I/O Psychology M.P.S. program at UMBC is a program that is ideal for students who want to work in areas such as: Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Talent Assessment and Talent Management, Organizational Behavior and Development, and Training and Development.

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