Adding Tools to the Learner’s Toolbox 

Designing and delivering learning and training using a systems approach removes the guesswork and sets learners up for a productive experience.

UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology (LAPT) graduate programs (formerly named ISD), prepares its students to enter into the workforce with this system approach in hand. 

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In today’s episode, we chat with Melody Wright ’21, M.A. Instructional Systems Development to chat about learning and sharing in the world of ISD using the systems tools she gathered while in the program. 

tune into this podcast

About Learning and Performance Technology at UMBC

With today’s mobile workforce, rapidly changing technology and growing global market, organizations must make performance improvement and training a top priority. For training and development professionals, this means implementing the most innovative approaches and cutting-edge practices available in their work. With UMBC’s Learning and Performance Technology Graduate Program, you have many options! Check them out!

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