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UMBC and NASA research scientist, Amy Lien, helped solve the mystery of an unusual flash in space that had astronomers and astrophysicists scratching their heads. Her team discovered the flash to be a monster black hole shredding a passing star. In today’s Industry Roundup, we share other fascinating NASA news about a recent discovery revealed through satellite imagery showing the first newly formed island to survive in the satellite era. We also take a look at organizing our digital lives, the difference between data lakes and warehouses, and the three worst computer viruses of all time.

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The First of its Kind – New Island Formed in the Satellite Era

The satellite era has brought the human race closer to its earthly roots by proving detailed imagery of our planet. These images show us the changes in our landscape from one point of time to another. Recently, NASA scientists shared news of the first newly formed island to survive in the satellite era. This is pretty cool because in the satellite era, most newly formed islands disappear rapidly.

Getting Digital Life in Order

Are you bogged down by the disorganization of your digital life? This kind of clutter can wreak havoc on your emotions and ability to focus. This article by the NY Times has some great tips on how to do a data cleanse.

Data Lakes and Data Warehouses – what’s the difference?

With data everywhere, organizations need solutions to collecting and managing it. Organizations have a couple of options, namely data lakes and data warehouses. In simplistic terms, think of a data lake as a pool of raw data without structure and a data warehouse as a storage system of defined data. This article goes into pros and cons of each.

3 Worst Computer Viruses of all time

In a blink, computer viruses can sail into your life and create some serious problems by destroying valued data. 3 known viruses leave zero chance of survival. Don’t want to suffer such a virus? Learn about these vicious ones in this article.

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