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Recently, UMBC’s Dr. Elliot Lasson wrote a blog article about performance reviews and how they typically bring about anxiety. In today’s Industry Roundup we take a look at performance reviews and a new trend showing a shift away from them. We also look at helpful workplace tips for those with ADHD, ways to tap into opportunity, and the next big tech platform.

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A Ditch in Performance Appraisals

More employers are opting out of doing performance appraisals according to a 2018 WorldatWork survey. One major reason employers cited why they are doing away with them is because they believe the formality of the experience creates an inaccurate understanding of an employees overall performance and is ‘full of traps for the unwary’.

Alternate Reality and the Next Big Tech Platform

A brand new way of experiencing reality is on its way. It’s called Mirrorworld, and although it doesn’t exist just yet, the tech world is eagerly awaiting its arrival. It has the potential of launching us into an alternate way of viewing the world that will blow our sense of true reality out of the water.

Some Helpful Tips for Your ADHD at Work

It’s a competitive world once you hit the professional status. Unlike in college, the real world is harder when it comes to productivity and results. If you suffer from ADHD, you’ll need to adapt to stay in the game. This article shares ways how to do that!

A New Approach to Opportunities

Tapping into the complexity of uncharted territory when it comes to consumer behavior has always been challenging. Today, companies are turning to neuroscience to help them make better strategic decisions and push through the unknowns with more confidence.

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