SIOP Conference: An Honor for Two UMBC Students

For this year’s SIOP Conference, UMBC’s I/O Psychology graduate students, Basma Fayyad and Liz Winters, were nominated to participate. They participated in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Pre-Conference Master’s Student Consortium in Orlando, FL.

We asked them to share their exciting experience with us.

What We Thought about the SIOP Conference

It was a great privilege to be the two students nominated to participate in the SIOP pre-Conference Master’s Student Consortium. The Master’s Students Consortium offered a great way to meet other students. We exchanged ideas about transitioning from being a graduate student to a practitioner. We got a chance to interact with fellow graduate students from a variety of different universities around the country. Some of these included Clemson, Rice University, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Purdue, and George Mason University.

The presentations at the SIOP conference provided great insights. Some of these centered around opportunities available for new graduates. They also covered the different career paths available. Additionally, panelists provided helpful feedback about graduate school. They talked about how it prepared them for challenges during their job search and early career. Attendees, speakers, and panelists were generally very helpful and excited to lead the discussions. They talked about their interests. Also, they offered helpful resources for students and practitioners.

SOIP Conference | Picture of Dr. Lasson, UMBC Program Director, and two students, Basma Fayyad and Liz WintersTake-aways from the SIOP Conference

For most of us, especially as we start our careers, we think that the only career choices are industry or academia. However, the field and opportunities extend way beyond those options. The sessions offered at the conference provided a good variety of topics. Many covered the transition from graduate school to practitioner. More so, they discussed the plethora of career paths available. And, they presented on the emerging trends in I/O Psychology, as well as challenges within the field.

One session in particular, “Shaken and Stirred”, stood out. It emphasized the incredible work of I/O psychologists. It highlighted ideas that push the boundaries. Furthermore, it showcased how the I/O field interconnects with different industries.

SIOP conference - Twp pictures of UMBC students interacting with conference attendees

We would recommend this event to future UMBC students because…

SIOP is a great way to harness a broader practical understanding of the I/O field. It brings a student beyond the classroom. We enjoyed the opportunity to network with professionals working within a variety of industries. Many operated from different stages of their career trajectory. Within hours of the conference end, our networks had grown. We linked to career professionals open to sharing insights. We received resources to support both coursework and internship experiences.

The experience provided a chance to reinforce our coursework. Additionally, we gained great insight on how to develop ourselves into stronger students and I/O professionals.

The I/O Psychology field continues to grow. If you’re interested in a career in this dynamic industry, consider UMBC’s I/O Psychology Master’s Program.

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