The Art of Conversation: Optimal Ways to Communicate

The art conversation comes down to building excellent conversation skills. Communication is at the forefront of every field, whether you want to charm clients, convince investors, impress your boss, or get to know your coworkers.

Benefits of Good Conversational Skills

Excellent conversation skills can help you in all facets of life, especially in the workplace. It makes a friendlier workplace and can help you advance your career as you network with others in your industry. Good communication allows you to de-escalate conflicts in the office, which is an influential quality many leaders in the workplace should possess. Lastly, excellent communication skills can also help put clients at ease and persuade potential investors.     

The Art of Conversation – Some Tips 

We discussed why being a good communicator is essential, but how does one become a good communicator? Most people consider someone amusing as a good conversationalist because it eases tension and is a great icebreaker. However, use humor carefully, as not everyone will think the same thing is funny. Be an active listener by giving them your full attention, and paying attention to their non-verbal social cues will tell you what they’re feeling and how you should continue the conversation.

Putting on the Charm

Have you ever felt jealous of someone’s innate charisma? Well, the good news is that charisma is a skill you can learn:

  1. You should be sincere when listening to and complimenting others.
  2. Try connecting with others by sharing relevant personal stories, making them feel as if they’re a bit closer to you. Also, try to remain positive! Complaining is understandable, but constantly discussing negative topics will affect the other person’s mood.
  3. Be confident when speaking with others. 

Spark Some Conversation

It can be challenging to think of exciting questions on the spot, so here are some easy icebreakers that will allow you to get to know the other person a bit more.

  • Where is the favorite place you’ve visited?
  • What thought-provoking book have you read recently?
  • What goal are you working towards?
  • Has there ever been a challenge you overcame and are proud of?

Conversations can be awkward, but remember to stay confident and have a positive mindset.

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