Things to do over winter break

Now that the Fall semester is over, it’s time to relax! Here are a few things you can do to pass the time while you’re on break.

Pick up a hobby

Now is the perfect time to explore some uncharted territory and learn a new skill (or return to an old one). Why not pick up those old colored pencils and create a masterpiece? Remember that recipe from Pinterest you wanted to try? Grab the ingredients and try it out. You could even go on websites like YouTube, Lynda, or Skillshare to learn a new skill and potentially get paid for it!

Look for and apply to internships

It’s never a bad time to look for internships. Most places look for spring interns over the winter break, so now is the perfect time to dust off your resume and apply for some internships. Check out websites like Glassdoor and Indeed for a comprehensive list of internships available, and if you have a specific company you want to intern at, check out the job listings on their website; they often post internships and jobs on their website before third party sources. Who know, this internship may lead to your first full-time job!

Spend time with loved ones (socially distanced, of course)

Spending time with loved ones most certainly is different this year. If you live with your parents and/or siblings, try to organize some dedicated family time throughout the week where you can just catch up, chill out, and relax. Maybe try a game night and bring a bit of competitiveness to the table? For them family you don’t live with, try organizing a family Zoom call every once in a while to stay connected with the ones you love who you can’t be near this holiday season.

Movie marathon

With nowhere to go, you have all the time in the world to chill in bed and do nothing. Why not get on your favorite streaming service, and binge your favorite TV shows, pick a list of movies and watch them all, or try something new? Even if you’ve seen almost everything on Netflix and Hulu, I’m sure there is something else that will pique your interest; you just have to look for it.

All in all, take this time to relax! This semester was hard for everyone involved, so kudos to you for getting through it. Be proud of yourself for getting through this tough semester, decompress, and sit back so you’ll be able to take the Spring semester by storm!

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