A UMBC Success Story with Paypal [VIDEO]

UMBC not only offers its students a high-quality educational experience, but it also prepares students for career success.

UMBC Computer Science graduate student, Akriti Anand, landed an exciting internship with PayPal. Anand credits her dedicated instructors, the curriculum, and UMBC’s Career Center for helping her gain this incredible opportunity.

In her own words…

Computer science has been my passion since I was a kid. In my early education, I learned Java programing and I was just fascinated by the logics involved in that. That’s when I knew I wanted to do something
in computer science.

I had applied for PayPal through the career works. I also attended the career fair organized by UMBC back in October, where I met people from PayPal and I had my first interview in the campus. And after that, I was called on site.

My experience at PayPal is going amazing because I’m getting used to the work environment, the working culture in the US, and that is
starting with a company called PayPal is the best I could imagine because it’s such a famous company and all those technologies are already up to date. So it’s like I’m grabbing all these new technologies and learning them. And I would also say that there was some great material that Career Center had published on how to tackle interviews and to send thank you notes after every interview, how to send those thank you notes. I followed each and every step in the document. And I’m glad I did because that helped me
stand out. And I’m sure if I’m in PayPal right now, it’s because of the career works. Hats off to that. I really appreciate UMBC for that.
– Akriti Anand

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