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UMBC researchers have received various grants over the years to help advance their work in important, life-saving areas such as COVID-19 detection and anti-viral studies.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at new scientific discoveries with deadly viruses like smallpox. We also take a look at artificial intelligence, a dog’s use of Earth’s magnetic field, and SpaceX rockets.

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Early Path of Viruses

Genetic evidence is starting to uncover when smallpox first started attacking people. Research pushes DNA evidence of smallpox back by a millennium.

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AI and Image Creation

An AI algorithm is capable of automatically generating realistic-looking images from bits of pixels.

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Dogs Use Earth’s Magnetic Field

Dogs are amazing navigators. They use the Earth’s magnetic system to find their way around. In a new study, international ethologists—those who study animal behavior that speaks to natural function and evolution—put cameras and GPS trackers on 27 “free-roaming scent hounds” to observe how the dogs found their way back to a specific destination during more than 600 trial walks over several years.

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Reusing SpaceX Rockets

SpaceX has now successfully landed 57 of the 97 rockets it has launched after a Falcon 9 rocket lifted off successfully. It carried a Korean communications satellite into space. The first stage then executed a successful landing on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

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