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We interviewed UMBC alum, Linda Moise, to talk about his UMBC graduate experience. Moise graduated with a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Cybersecurity.

Share your educational journey before coming to UMBC. 

I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems at Virginia Union University in May 2017. I was blessed with the opportunity of becoming a GEM 2017 fellow and furthering my education.

Why did you want to pursue your master’s degree at UMBC? 

I am a first-generation graduate and wanted to continue being a role model by setting a great example for my nieces, nephews, and others to be inspired by my journey. My interest in UMBC was the traditional in-class model they provide and the diversity of the school. Also, Dr. Hrabowski’s TED talk inspired me to apply to the university.

Linda Moise

What are you doing or plan on doing with your degree? 

I am currently working as a Cyber Security Engineer for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

Can you talk about your experience with peer and faculty engagement?

Peer engagement helped me get my work done by collaborating and working in groups. In this setting, we had opportunities to share our own ideas and point of view. This allowed me to gain social skills as well as meet people from diverse backgrounds. The faculty members at UMBC were awesome at getting things done in a timely fashion. They always respond quickly in order to assist me with any issue or concern.

Was there a specific course that you particularly liked?

I wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite because I enjoyed them all! All ten classes were excellent. All my professors worked in the industry so they brought new knowledge and current trends into the lessons and classroom.

What was the greatest skill you learned? 

To get things done on time and getting along and working well with different types of people.

What are you most excited about with your career now that you’ve graduated? 

I’m excited about using what I’ve learned in the classroom and field and doing something with those skills and passion.

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